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What does Google want?

Essentially, to remain the search giant that viewers prefer. So Google tells website developers:

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

Okay, J&M engages users. We give our clients organic SEO, the best kind.

And we study Google. In response to a search, Google reviews more than 200 criteria. What’s more, Google changes the criteria’s algorithms every day.

As a consolation, Google provides geek-style guidelines.

From the guidelines: some Google likes and dislikes.

Good ideas: Update your website, write blogs, write informative title tags (the tabs at the top of your pages), write informative Google descriptions.

Bad ideas: Fudge the truth. Google calls claims that you serve areas beyond your reach “irrelevant keywords” and could penalize you.

One Google criteria is the number of site visitors. That’s why you should use social media, print ads, press releases, and event sponsorship to drive viewers to your website.

Finally, Google is pushing Google+. We’ve put some clients’ business addresses on Google+ to increase exposure.  Let me know if that interests you.