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Emotional words hook prospects.

hookedLast Friday, Amazon  asked me to “rate” a product. “Help others! “their email cried. So, I clicked and found myself on a page with all my orders. Guess what, I re-ordered.
What a smart emotional appeal Amazon used. They told me I was knowledgeable, an influencer. And generous, would help others. They asked me to “rate” not review. Rate sounds easy, review — umm, that’s work.

The take-away. Give people an enjoyable reason to want to visit your website.  (That’s  Inbound Marketing in jargon.)

Reasons a viewer could enjoy.

  • Easiest. A sale, discount or coupon. Just don’t throw away your business plan.
  • Short, snappy social media with visuals.  Facebook is the number 1 driver to websites, Pinterest is number 2. Snapchat is climbing fast.
  • Email.  Hey, it works for Amazon.
  • Add incentives to web addresses on your print advertising.

And when people get to your website, make sure it’s clear, informative, and involves them with your service or product. That’s what we can do for you.  So call me.

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