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Your website lives in the real world.

Where there’s a lot of competition. So how do you get just one of your products or services noticed?

Try Extreme Focus. We are now working with a client to promote one specific product. For the next month the client will:

  1. Put that one product on the website home page.
  2. Send out emails about that one product.
  3. Add it to their email signature.
  4. Show it on Instagram.
  5. Add it to Facebook updates.
  6. Use it in presentations.
  7. Demonstrate it at events.
  8. Talk about it to contacts.
  9. Create an ad about it.
  10. Most important. The client will always use the same theme line.

Like Extreme Focus? Interested in talking to J&M Marketing Communications about creative ideas that focus on your specific products and services? Maggie, 609-924-1083.


The odds of your working with J&M.


Do you fit our client profile?  Our clients are:

  1. Dedicated. They start email conversations at 1 a.m.
  2. Knowledgeable.  Our clients have amazing understanding of the people they sell to. They adapt to their audience’s needs.
  3. Passionate. Our clients love what they do.

Essentially, our clients want to grow and they believe J&M custom websites strengthen their story. If you want a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate team to help you grow, call or email Maggie, 609-924-1083.