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The plumber who has more business than her competition.

Back in 2008, Jill, like most business owners, was focused on keeping the doors open. So she came to us for a website. Daring? Maybe. Savvy? More likely. We asked people what they wanted from their plumber. Reliability, service. But it isn’t enough to just say reliability and service, if you want to be believed. Luckily, with Jill’s company, we could show it. Her story started before she was born when her grandfather opened NC Jefferson. It grew when her dad joined the firm. Jill became part of the story when she played with pipes as a child. Suddenly the website was about  people who cared. We made the well-known family truck an icon on the site. Familiar heating and air conditioning units were presented in charming groupings. All this showed, yes, that plumbing can be engaging.

Now, as you know, buying decisions are made on websites, but people need help finding them. So Jefferson’s kept running ads in local papers. Jill did some social media, but wasn’t interested in spending  hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. So we  updated the organic SEO to increase Internet visibility. It was a lot of fun seeing how many ways we could use the word plumbing without being redundant.

Jill’s latest update makes her site easy to see on any mobile device. (Where 50% of viewers are looking at your website.) Again, the family truck leads the way to groups of water heaters and such. And, of course, you get quick access to the phone number. Vital with a plumber.

And, as our plumber told us, she’s keeping busy. “We’re lucky,” she said.  Or maybe she’s smart and keeps up with the times.

If you want a website that’s fresh and timely, and sets you apart from your competition, please email or call me at 609-942-1083.