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Respect your all-powerful website viewers

After all, they’re intelligent people that you want to do business with.


  • Save viewers time with quick access to information they want.
  • Keep viewers’ attention with a simple, uncomplicated site.
  • Convince viewers with clear photographs, succinct copy, and relevant design.

Technically, you call all that good UI (user interface) and UE (user experience).  But, actually, you could just call J&M Marketing Communications. We build websites that clearly tell prospects the benefits your business offers them. We simply tell your prospects why they should turn to you. We respect their intelligence, and yours.


You ought to be on Twitter. Yes? No?


I love the idea of twitter, with its short informative copy. But will Twitter help your firm?

Twitter works best to spread:

  • News
  • Event information
  • Celebrity communiqués.

Twitter can also support and answer questions about your products or services.

Twitter gets credit for amazing results. A social media company claims that tweets helped sell out a celebrity’s perfume at Macy’s in one day. Those tweets went to 70 million followers the celebrity had amassed.

Building a following is labor intensive, so best to use an outside firm, as the celebrity did. You should tweet at least three times a week. Preferably more. You need to respond quickly to questions or comments.

You must take advantage of events. Oreo’s social media company media representatives at the Super Bowl responded to the blackout by tweeting followers to dunk Oreo cookies in the dark. And got retweeted 13,000 times. But what did Oreos pay its social media folks to come to the Super Bowl?

In the examples above, Twitter was part of  multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

However, even with a smaller ad budget, you can use Twitter to tell customers about ongoing events. You can provide useful information to targeted audiences.

But consider the return you can expect on your time and money.

You also need lots of pertinent information to pass along daily. Probably that’s why I only write an occasional blog.