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Design attracts viewers, marketing holds them.

That’s why at J&M, when we come up with a stunning design that does not drive home a strong message, we reject that design. You should do the same; toss out everything on your website that isn’t building up the message you want to send. Instead, communicate a focused story that holds viewers’ attention.

We support our clients’ messages in every design detail. Quick examples:

  • Muirhead Foods. This client makes easy-to-add finishing touches for busy cooks. Our products page shows jars lined up like handy staples on pantry shelves.
  • Hinman & Carmichael. This law firm specializes in every aspect of beverage law. Our services pages are designed so that your eye travels easily from service to service.
  • Your site. We’ll tell your viewers your marketing message in seconds. (Otherwise, they’ll be gone.) We’ll show viewers the benefits you offer them, and make sure they navigate easily from page to page.

Call or email for more information. Maggie Van Dagens

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