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What kind of a website do you want?

When I started writing this, I put together SEO info, quoted marketing articles in Forbes and INC magazine. And found I was writing a textbook. Ugh.

So I decided to write about our passion at J&M Marketing Communications — creating websites that engage viewers. That goal has earned the jargon term UE, which stands for User Engagement.

We believe your website has to do two things to engage viewers/achieve UE.

  1. Be attractive. You know you look your best when you meet prospects clients. That’s what your website has to do all the time. So make sure it looks good. But don’t let graphic acrobatics stand in the way of the second major job your website has. Which is to:
  2. Provide quick access to information.That’s a little tougher. Is your viewer just browsing or checking final details before the sale? Either way, you have to give her the information she wants, fast.

Now, here’s a surefire way to do that. Work from a solid strategy that takes into account what your product or service is, whom you’re talking to, what benefits you’re offering them, and what needs you’re fulfilling.

When you work from a strategy, everything falls into place logically. Information pops up where the viewer expects to find it.

If you think that sounds hard, you’re right. That’s why companies like J&M, which develop websites, exist. If you’re looking at or working with an outside website development company, you should understand the importance of having a strategy that starts with the truth about who you are.

There’s no better way to make people care about what you offer. Every brand grew out of someone’s romantic vision. It’s your vision that separates you from your competition whether you run a law firm or make organic chocolate.

So, when you’re talking to a web development company, make sure the folks there understand that your vision needs to be the heart of the strategy. Your story, well told, is the catalyst that motivates viewers to respond.

And, if you want to make sure your website development company understands that, just call or email us at J&M.

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