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Social Media Advertising Tips

Most social media ad dollars go to Facebook and Google. Facebook made 9.3 billion in the second quarter of 2017, while Google and its parent company earned 26 billion in the same period. (Source: Wired)

Tip#1.To get attention in all that adverting, your business needs to have a solid content strategy. A focused message helps you get noticed and remembered.

Tip #2. Google AdWords offers both Search and Display ads. Search ads go to people who are searching directly for what you offer. Display ads go to a wider audience and are less expensive. Most businesses put all their budget into Search ads. Advertising agencies put about 39% of their clients’ budgets into Display ads. (Source: AdWeek). Should you consider Display ads? They take advantage of what advertising does best — generate awareness.

Tip #3. When you boost a post on Facebook, the post gets sent to a lookalike audience of your current Facebook audience, as well as audiences of similar businesses. So check your current Facebook audience to see if it needs refining.

Tip #4. All social media advertising drives viewers to your website. So take a good look at your website. If it needs updating, that’s where we come in. At J&M, we know how to tell your unique story and make you stand out from your competition.

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