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Increase your email readership with your latest news.

Your emails are one of your clients’ three favorite ways to find out about new products, services, and trends. Only learning from a friend and browsing the internet are more popular. (AdWeek.)

Another reader-pleaser is a deal, discount, or coupon in your subject line. That’s what most people who open emails are looking for. (The Social Outlet)

Even without news or offers, statistic after statistic shows email is a great keep-in-touch medium. If you hold your reader’s interest.

My first boss knew how to do that. He was a burly creative director whose looks contrasted with his sensitive writing. He would walk down the ad agency halls bellowing, “Remember reader reward.” He rewarded his reader with understanding. His ads spoke directly to them about their personal needs.

Your reward for putting that kind of effort into your emails — well, your readers will remember you when they’re looking for what you’re selling.

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