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Millennials see possibilities on the internet.


They realize their websites need applause.

Like the 27-year-old that didn’t pay attention to that fact that his business was in a dull category. “I want everyone to remember our website. Spend more money,” he told us. We gave him a splashy website and soon he and his partners were the leaders in our local market. Eventually, they sold the business (the website was one asset) and moved on.

Millenials don’t understand that things can’t always be done. “That software doesn’t exist,” I told one millennial.

“Maggie I know you guys can do it,” he said, then added the stick. “And if you can’t, I’ll find someone who can.”

Okay, we’re up to a challenge. We created a piece of software for him. Later, I listened to a company head tell me she was getting her software up to speed before working with a website developer. And I thought about how much better off our client is with software that fits seamlessly into his website design.

Finally, what makes us work so well with millennials is that we both understand the importance of creating an enticing viewer experience.

Even if you’re not a millennial, you can believe your brand comes to market with an exciting and unique offering. If you do, please call us. Because that’s what we want to tell the world—on your website.

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