Parents Speak

A high school student's father:

"My daughter was overwhelmed before we started working with Milestone. Her test scores were much lower than she wanted and she was working with several different tutors for some of her high school classes.

Jake and Charlie got immediate results. The relationship they built with us was unlike anything we had with other tutors; I couldn't have asked for better mentors. They raised her confidence remarkably and treated her like an adult. Her SAT II Math went from 580 to 710 in 3 weeks and over the summer she went from a 22 to a 30 on the ACT. Now her study skills and level of organization are better than ever and we only use Milestone's tutors. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation."

A high school student's mother:

"We've seen SUCH an improvement in the way our son approaches his school work. Your perspective on everything from time management to studying has been so helpful, and you know how important that is for a learning disabled student. The Chemistry grade is way up and we can't wait for him to take the ACT. I have already recommended you to several friends and I will certainly continue to do so."

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