SAT/ACT Preparation

Our Test Preparation

We tutor students one-on-one or in five-person classes for the:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • SAT II
  • PSAT

We've analyzed the tests and developed study programs that help your teenager walk into the big test prepared and confident.

First: We help each student understand what a test is looking for. The SAT wants to find out how your teen's mind works, so he should expect unfamiliar problems. The ACT tests his ability to remember information.

Second: We give each student a diagnostic test. The results, which evaluate his or her strengths and weaknesses, are shared with parents and students. Then we start working.

Work one-on-one.

A tutor works with the student on the types of questions she missed, strategies she didn't see. When the student is ready, we test her again. We repeat this process of analyzing, teaching, testing -- and watching each student gain mastery and assurance.

A student can prepare for one test or a combination of tests, such as the SAT and ACT.

Work in a class of five.

Our classes are small enough for personal attention. Students learn to analyze problems, focus on issues, and not be led astray by everyday

distractions. Again, we emphasize testing and retesting in preparation for the marathon 3 hour and 45 minute SAT.

Our preparation.

Milestone not only uses older tests but also trains with tests and materials developed by our tutors who had perfect SAT scores. We've created worksheets to give students extra practice on specific topics they find challenging -- like grammar or math word problems.

Our combination of smart, understanding tutors, fresh curriculum, and tough materials helps improve test scores. Most of our students tried other test companies before they came to us and improved their scores by as much as
15 percent.