About Us

Our Founders

Jake Cornelius (BS Stanford, MPhil Cambridge) and Charlie Cole (BA Yale, MSc Oxford) formed Milestone Academic Counseling to teach high school students the study skills it took them years at Ivy League+ universities to acquire.

"By the time I was a senior at Stanford, I'd mastered study techniques," Jake says. "But I could see freshman struggling and failing because they didn't know how to study."

At Yale, Charlie balanced studying with intercollegiate rowing -- and graduated with honors. To him, learning how to manage time was the key to achieving his goals.

Jake and Charlie's objective: Teach high school students their disciplined approach to scholarship.

Our Tutors

Ivy+ graduates who have gone on to apply the focus and discipline they learned in college to new endeavors. Our tutors are mentors high school students can relate to. Read their bios on the Tutors page.

To Our Parents:

Our program is structured, yet allows the flexibility to adapt to each student's needs, each parent's concerns.

You're involved throughout the process: we meet with you about your goals, design a program that fits your needs, and provide you with progress reports. We check in for your feedback regularly to make sure we are meeting your goals.

To Our Students:

We're pulling in the same direction you are.

The skills we teach are skills you can start using today. That's because we use your school work, along with our exercises, as teaching tools. We'll show you how to get your work done more quickly, more effectively.